Various theatre projects 1993–present

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Brendan Murray playwright

Website (Dreamweaver)

Stationery + business cards

Mosaic A5 brochure-1a
Mosaic A5 brochure-2a
Mosaic A5 brochure-3a
Mosaic A5 brochure-4a
Mosaic A5 brochure-5a
Mosaic A5 brochure-6a

The London Hub (Sustained Theatre)

Mosaic Conference

E-flyer invitation + 12-page A5 conference brochure

Anthony Ferraro actor

A5 flyer & A3 poster for Edinburgh Festival show

In Role-1
In Role-2
In Role-3
In Role-4

In Role Presentations

Folded A4 flyers for company offering team training to the public sector using improvisation techniques

Man Mela_Tiptoes A6_alt

Man Mela Theatre Company

Postcard & poster for Edinburgh Festival show

+ various flyers

Mouldies A4-1
Mouldies A4-2
Mouldies prog-2a
Mouldies prog-3a
Mouldies prog-4a
Mouldies prog-5

The Independent Photography Project

A4 flyers & 8-page A4 programme (see also VISUAL ARTS

Oval House AR-1
Oval House AR-2
Oval House AR-3
Oval House AR-4
Oval House AR-5

Oval House

12-page A4 Annual Review 

RBC 1993-4-3
RBC 1993-4-4
RBC 1993-4-5
RBC 1993-4-2
RBC 1993-4-1

Rose Bruford College

A5 flyers and A3 posters