Creekside Discovery Centre + Rivers and People Project

FiveToNine worked with Creekside Discovery Centre and Lewisham Nature Conservation to produce a regular events flyer. We also designed a new logo for Creekside Education Trust.



  • 6-10 page folding leaflets
  • A5 flyers
  • A3 posters
  • Logo design

CET Feb-June 2011
RAP 8ppDL Aug 2012-1
RAP 8ppDL April 2012-1
RAP 6ppDL Feb 2012-1
RAP 6ppDL Oct 2012-1
RAP Feb 2013
RAP 6ppDL Oct 2012-2
RAP 8ppDL Aug 2012-2
RAP 8ppDL April 2012-2
RAP 6ppDL Feb 2012-2
RAP 2011


Groundwork Thames Gateway London South commissioned FiveToNine to produce information for their project in Lewisham.

  • Annual Reports
  • Trainng Programme brochure
  • Newsletters
  • A5 and DL flyers
  • Letterhead
  • Postcards
GW AR 01-02 cover
GW AR 00-01 cover
GW AR 01-02-1
GW AR 01-02-2
GW AR 01-02-3
GW AR 01-02-4
GW AR 01-02-5
GW AR 01-02-6
GW AR 01-02-7
GW newsletter-1
GW newsletter-4
GW newsletter-2
GW newsletter-3
GW Training DL-1
GW Training DL-2
GW A5-1
GW A5-2
GW Training A4-1
GW Training A4-2
GW Training A4-3
GW Training A4-4
GW invite-1
GW invite-2