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Deptford Youth Forum

Deptford Youth Forum was dissolved in 2007. As a charity it acted as a umbrella resource for young people to provide education and training, space and facilities, advocacy, advice and information, contributing to local economc and community development.

  • Annual reports
  • A6 postcards in seven designs

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    DYF inside 00-01 6-7
    DYF inside 00-01 10-11
    DYF inside 00-01 16-17
    DYF inside 00-01 20-21
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    DYF inside 99-00 6-7
    DYF inside 99-00 16-17
    DYF inside 98-99 4-5
    DYF inside 98-99 6-7
    DYF inside 98-99 10-11
    DYF inside 98-99 14-15
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    Positive Options Project

    The Positive Options Project worked with young people excluded from school to provide an alternative and more personalised education curriculum than available in pupil referral units. 

    • 32-page Five Year Progress report 

      POP report inside 4-5
      POP report inside 6-7
      POP report inside 20-21
      POP report inside 28-29