Cycling Instructor works with local authorities to run free cycling training for both adults and children. Councils include Croydon, Merton, Brent, Camden, Tower Hamlets, Ealing, Brent and Bath. FiveToNine also designed the logo for the company's Erasmus funded European training initiative CycloVet, partnering with road safety awareness projects in Greece, Austria and Italy.

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CI A4 Brent 2015
CI A6 Brent 2014
CI A6 Brent 2014
CI Croydon A6 2019
CI Tower Hamlets A6 2012
CI Merton A5 2019
CI Croydon school Repair A4 2012
CI Croydon school Dr Bike A4 2012
CI Croydon school FBR A4 2012
CI Croydon CC A4 2012
CI Merton Dr Bike banner 2019
CI Merton Dr Bike A5 2019
CI CTMS A4 brochure 2010
CI CTMS A4 brochure 2010_2