Aakash Odedra Company + Aditi Mangaldas Dance 2018

Aakash Odedra Company, based in Leicester, asked us to design an international touring prospectus in association with the India-based Aditi Mangaldas Dance Company.

The brochure was split into two so that it was reversible with two fronts (see right) – showing Aakash Odedra's list of available touring work on one side of the booklet and Aditi Mangaldas's on the other. Depending on which way you choose to view the brochure, the other company's info is flipped upside down and so remains separate. 


  • 16-page A5 brochure
AOC-AM 16pp A5_pp2-3 large
AOC-AM 16pp A5_pp4-5 large
AOC-AM 16pp A5_pp6-7 large
AOC-AM 16pp A5_pp8-9 large
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