Local campaigns

Save Reginald, Save Tidemill

A campaign to stop the demolition of a structurally sound block of social housing and a 20 year old wildlife garden by Lewisham Council. FiveToNine's designer Sue was a campaign volunteer and produced pro bono graphics for the campaign.



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74 Tree demolition A3-1
74 Tree map (Sue Lawes)
74 Tree demolition list A3-2
74 trees for website
SRST A5_Jan 2019
SRST_A5_Nov 2018-2
SRST_A5_NOV 2018-1
SRST_OCT 2018-1
SRST factsheet Sep 2018
SRST Crowdjustice A6 Aug 2018
SRST A3 July 2018
SRST_Jul 2018-1
SRST A4 May 2018
Tidemill hustings A6 April 2018

Deptford Is Forever

A campaign to get Lewisham Council to reinstate an iconic piece of street furniture (an anchor) to its former site, after it was removed by them in public realm works in order to prevent street drinkers gathering around it. After four years, the anchor was returned without a plinth and the street drinkers now gather outside the local school and library. FiveToNine's designer Sue was a founding member of the campaign.



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DIF tattoo A6 flyer
DIF Tattoo_2013-10-05-3 (170)
DIF Paper bag (170)
DIF Paper bag_shop (170)
DIF Robbie (170) 2
DIF 1060422-Steph bag
DIF fred & dot-tshirt

Saying No to Academies

A campaign to stop local primary school Tidemill from becoming an academy. Graphics produced by our designer, Sue, were shared by anti-academy and free school campaigners in other boroughs.


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Saying no_A1 poster
Mass Picket 4 May
HACKNEY says no
Lambethsaysno A4