Second Wave Youth Arts 1991–2019

Second Wave Youth Arts works with young people up to the age of 24, offering workshops in drama, music, dance and spoken word, leading to events and self devised theatre productions. See more in our YOUTH section.

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SW SG A5 2015
SW SG speakeasy poster 2016
SW CE A5 2016
SW Reckless A6 2010
SW Reckless A5 2010 back
SW SWAGGA A5 2012-2
SW swaggacastlist 2012
SW SWAGGA A4 2009-2012
SW Swagga_MS_castlist 2009
SW HIH prog 2002 cover
SW HIH prog 2002-1
SW HIH prog 2002-2
SW WDIT 2007 small
SW wdit castlist 2007
SW A5 early 90s 1
SW A5 early 90s-2
SW LFS early 90s-1
SW LFS early 90s-2