The Albany Empire

Blues For Railton

As a young Goldsmiths Fine Art graduate, FiveToNine's designer got a job as Publicity Assistant at the local theatre and community centre. After a short while, she was pasting up the monthly calendar of events, and was then invited to design the publicity for a new show by the resident theatre company The Combination. Blues For Railton was her first foray into designing arts publicity. Her typography skills gradually increased after a typography course at London School of Printing!

Blues For Railton, based on the book Railton Blues by David Simon, featured an all-black cast, music and musical direction by Felix Cross MBE and theatre design by Paddy Kamara. Assistant director was Pam Fraser-Solomon, now an award-winning producer/director.

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Arrivederci Millwall

A Combination show about nationalism in a story about young Millwall supporters abroad, written by a young Nick Perry – now award-winning playwright and screenwriter. The show starred a young Jonathan Moore – now an award-winning actor, director and writer – and Eamonn Walker, now a highly successful Hollywood actor. 

The background image of HMS Antelope came from the Daily Mirror newsdesk, where designer Sue worked before The Albany.  

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Director Teddy Kiend's third production during his tenure at The Albany Empire was a conventional staging of the thrilling 1938 play by dramatist Patrick Hamilton. The play gave rise to the now common term 'gaslighting', meaning a form of pyschological abuse in which the victim grows to doubt their own memories, perceptions and judgements.

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After a change of management and artistic director, the Albany Empire began a new period with a show by American playwright Donna Franceschild – now an established British-based television, radio and theatre writer. 

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The Servant of Two Masters

Combination outreach drama project Pepyshow worked with residents on Pepys Estate to produce a pantomime version of this comedia dell'arte classic.

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Everybody Saw The Sun Shine

Combination outreach drama project Pepyshow worked with residents on Pepys Estate to produce this musical. 

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