Second Wave Youth Arts 1986–2022

FiveToNine has worked with Second Wave Youth Arts for many years. Post-Covid restrictions they are back to running workshops and events at their Deptford premises. Before lock-down, they were touring their latest project, Shadow Games, in schools. In 2020 they created a short film from the play, which is available as a download from their website, accompanied by teacher and student notes.

See more on previous Second Wave productions in THEATRE.

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A2 posters, portrait & landscape 2022

SW SG Teachers Notes_1
SW SG Teachers Notes-3
SW SG Teachers Notes-5
SW SG Teachers Notes-6
SW SG Teachers Notes-11
SW SG A5 2015
SW SG speakeasy poster 2016
SW CE A5 2016
sw CTS A5 cover 2018
SW CTS A5 folded 2018
SW CTS_A3 2012
SW SG audition A6 2015-1
SW SG audition A6 2015-2
SW Audition eflyer 2015_1
SW Audition eflyer 2015_2
SW GF A5 cover 2018
SW GF A5 folded 2018
SW GF A3 2012
SW AUTUMN A6 flyer 2013-1
SW AUTUMN A6 flyer 2013-2
SW Spring A6_2013-1
SW Spring A6_2013-2
SW A6 Autumn 2012
SW A5 summer 2012 front
SW A5 summer 2012 back
SW A3 poster 2017
SW A3 poster 2016
SW Policing by Consent 2015
SW A3 poster 2015
SW prog poster 2013
SW prog A4 2013
SW Symposium A4-2012
SW AP A4 2015
SW AP A4 2015_2
SW SP A4 2015
SW SP A4 2015_2
SW YL poster A4 (date?)
SW MCRW A4 prog 2010-1
SW MCRW A4 2010-2
SW ICV A6 2012
SW A4_prog 2012-1
SW prog A4 2012-2
SW SWAGGA A5 2012-2
SW swaggacastlist 2012
SW Swagga_MS_castlist 2009
SW SWAGGA A4 2009-2012
SW Reckless A6 2010
SW UA A6 2004_1
SW UA A6 2004-2
SW UA A6 2004-3
SW UA A6 2004-4
SW UA A6 2004 front
SW A4 UrbanArtsProg 2004
SW Da Wave 04-05 cover
SW Da Wave 04-05 back
SW Da Wave 04-05 inside
SW YAIACW 8pp A5 2001
SW YAIACW 2001-2
SW YAIACW A5 flyers 2009-10
SW YAITRW 10p A6 2000
SW YAITRW 8p A5 99-1
SW YAITRW 8p A5 99-2
SW YAITRW 8p A5 99-3
SW YAITRW 8p A5 99-4