Emergency Exit Arts 1998–2002

FiveToNine worked closely with EEA at the time of the millennium, beginning with the design of their Millennium Celebrations Toolkit.

Publicity for one of their touring shows Runga Rung followed, then an annual report, a new logo and branding with a folder of inserts, as well as Xmas cards. 

The Millennium Celebrations Toolkit was funded and distributed by the ALG and Department of Culture, Media and Sport. All materials were available in English and Welsh.


    • Logo design & A4 folder of inserts
    • Two-year annual report
    • Millennium Celebrations Toolkit folder, inserts and CD containing printable pdfs for the public
    • Various print publicity
    EEA-folder 8
    EEA-folder 9
    EEA-folder 12
    EEA-folder 13
    EEA-folder 6
    EEA-folder 7
    EEA-folder 10
    EEA-folder 11
    EEA-folder 1
    EEA-folder 2
    EEA-folder 3
    EEA-folder 4
    EEA-folder 5
    eea-an 99-20-2-3
    eea-an 99-20-4-5
    eea-an 99-20-6-7
    eea-an 99-20-12-13
    eea-an 99-20-14-15
    eea-an 99-20-16-17
    eea-an 99-20-18-19
    eea-an 99-20-20-21
    eea-an 99-20-22-23
    eea-an 99-20-24-25
    eea-an 99-20-28-29
    MCT infills-1
    MCT infills-2
    MCT infills-3
    MCT infills-4
    MCT infills-5