The Albany Theatre 1990s

The Feast

At The Feast the audience were fed and entertained at moveable tables by a cast of circus, cabaret and street artists, musicians and dancers. Innovative and highly popular, it was repeated with a new ensemble cast the following year in Feast 2.

  • Illustrations
  • DL leaflets
  • A2 posters
  • A3 posters
  • 16-page DL and A5 programmes
Feast A2 poster
Feast 2 A2poster
Feast prog-1
Feast prog-2
Feast prog-3
Feast 2 DL-1
Feast 2 DL-2
Feast 2 prog-1
Feast 2 prog-2
Feast 2 prog-3
Feast 2 prog-4

Theatre Not Cabaret

Andrew Broadley, then artistic director of The Albany Theatre, invited three 'maverick' gay cabaret artists to each develop and create a full length solo piece for the theatre.

  • Posters
  • 4-page DL flyers – the first print-run used iridiscent metalic paper
  • 4-page A5 programmes for all three artists
  • DL flyers for club nights
TNC prog-2
TNC prog-1

Continuuum Theatre Company

A partnership with Chinese theatre company Continuuum resulted in two shows, You Beat Me, I Love You and Hungry For It, both conceived and directed by Chinese actor and writer Hi Ching.

  • Illustration
  • A2 & A3 posters
  • A6 postcards
  • A5 leaflet
JT Tommy Cooper-1
JT Tommy Cooper-2
AE–AR 94-97_1
AE–AR 94-97_2
AE–AR 94-97_3
AE–AR 94-97_4
AE–AR 94-97_5
AE–AR 94-97_6
AE–AR 94-97_7
AE–AR 94-97_8