Various art projects 1990–2017

LGOS A3 poster
LGOS prog 1
LGOS prog 2
LGOS prog 3
LGOS prog 4
LGOS prog 5
LGOS prog 6
LGOS A3 poster

Lee Green Open Studios

A3 poster and 12-page A5 programme

Vote Bob 4pp flyer-1
Vote Bob 4pp flyer 2015-2

Bob & Roberta Smith

The artist stood against Michael Gove (then Education Minister)

A3 posters + A5 flyers


Nutkhut's installation and film about fictional pioneering Mumbai film maker

DL sized flyers printed on recycled card

with special die-cut to make them

look like cinema tickets

Artist website curated by Leila Galloway & Andy Price

A6 postcard + business card

Bombay Mix website
Bombay Mix website 2

Bombay Mix

Film screenings and events about the Indian subcontinent, South Asian people worldwide and British Asian experience

Website build & maintenance

(design by Lionel Openshaw)

Deptford Arts Network

6-page folded DL flyer + stationery

Span 2

International festival of performance art curated by Andre Stitt & Roddy Hunter 

Logo design & stationery


The Association of Illustrators (AOI)

12-page folded DL flyer


Waterside Studios

6-page folded DL flyer