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LNS Prospectus cover (2014)
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London Nautical School

FiveToNine have worked with LNS since 2008 on their annual prospectuses, both for the school in general and for the sixth form. Changes in staff have dictated changes in design. In 2014  a new landscape format was required. The request for the cover to be foil embossed with their logo required the logo to be redrawn. Teachers' suggestions have also recently been incorporated into the inner page layout.

  • 24-page A5 prospectuses
  • 28-page A5 prospectuses
  • 18-page A4 landscape prospectus
  • logo redraw
  • web provision

Forest Hill School

Forest Hill School is a Specialist School in Performing Arts.

  • Termly 6-page A4 newsletters

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FHS 21_2012-1
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FHS 20_2012-1
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