Shobana Jeyasingh Dance Company 2010

Just Add Water?, a show about cross-cultural cooking and eating, toured to Nottingham, Lincoln, Newbury, Leicester and London. Food writer Yasmin Alibhai-Brown wrote a piece with a recipe for the programme.

  • A3 posters
  • Double-sided A5
  • 20-page A5 programme
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Shobana Jeyasingh's double bill Bruise Blood and Faultline toured Dansens Hus Sweden, Wellingborough, Watford, Tewkesbury and Leeds, then later on travelled to India to perform in Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai.

  • A3 posters
  • 4-page A5 flyer
  • 12-page A5 programme
  • A3 freesheets

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SJDC_4-pp flyer
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Bruise programme_4
Bruise programme_3
Bruise programme_6
Bruise programme_2
Bruise programme_5

SJDC set up Asparas Circle, a fundraising initiative. 

  • 4-page A5 with forms
  • A6 postcards