Blue Boy Entertainment 2014

Dance Touring Partnership toured a new production from Blue Boy Entertainment to the following UK towns: London, Brighton, Truro, Doncaster, Newcastle, Nottingham, Blackpool, Canterbury, Coventry, Oxford, Salford and Cardiff.

  • Posters in all formats for each venue
  • 4-page A5 leaflets for each venue
  • A5 double sided postcards for each venue
  • 16-page programme
  • E-invites
  • Banners
  • Press adverts (Guardian, Independent, Times + others)
  • T-shirts for cast and crew

The Five_prog 1
The Five_prog 2
The Five_prog 3
The Five_prog 4
The Five_prog 5
The Five_prog 6
The Five_prog 7
The Five_prog 8