The Midi Music Company 2010–present

The Midi Music Company runs music courses for young people and adults, with regular showcases and seminars focused on professional development.

Under recent Covid restrictions, much of the company's activities were taking place online – and reaching much larger audiences!

But live music is important and the company and its members are now returning to studio and stage. Posters are being printed again!

  • Posters
  • A5 and A6 flyers
  • Leaflets & booking forms
  • E-flyers
  • Social media banners for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Eventbrite

Breakout A3 June 2023
A3 BC DEC 2022 poster
A3 BC JULY 2022
A6 BC front JUNE 2023
Breakout A6 June 2023_back
A6 BC front DEC 2022
A6 back DEC 2022
A6 BC front JULY 2022
A6 back JULY 2022
Breakout JUNE 23_Instagram
Breakout DEC 2022_Instagram
Breakout July 2022_Instagram
Breakout JUNE 23_Facebook
Breakout DEC 2022_Facebook
Breakout DEC 2022_Eventbrite
Breakout July 2022_Twitter
Breakout July 2022_Eventbrite
AYM flyer Summer 2023_1
AYM flyer Summer 2023_2
AYM flyer Spring 2023_1
AYM flyer Spring 2023_2
AYM flyer Summer 2022_1
AYM flyer Summer 2022_2
AYM Summer 2022_1
AYM Summer 2022_2
AYM flyer Spring 2022_1
AYM flyer Spring 2022_2
AYM Summer 2020_1
AYM flyer Summer 2020_2
AYM flyer Spring 2015_1
AYM flyer Spring 2015_2
AYM Summer 2023_Instagram
AYM spring 2023_Instagram
AYM autumn 2022_Instagram
AYM summer 2022_Instagram
MM AYM Jan 2021
MM AYM Autumn 2020
AYM Summer 2023_Twitter
AYM Spring 2023 Twitter 1500x500px
AYM Autumn 2022_Twitter
AYM Summer 2022_Twitter
Cre8tiv flyer Summer 2023_1
Cre8tiv flyer Summer 2023_2
Cre8tiv flyer Spring 2023_1
Cre8tiv flyer Spring 2023_2
Cre8tiv flyer Summer 2022_1
Cre8tiv flyer Summer 2022_2
MM Cre8tiv Summer 2020_1
MM Cre8tiv Summer 2020_2
Cre8tiv Summer 2023_Instagram
Cre8tiv Spring 2023 Instagram
Cre8tiv Summer 2022_Instagram
Cre8tiv Jan 2022_Instagram
MM Cre8tiv Jan 2021
MM Cre8tiv Autumn 2020
Cre8tiv Summer 2023_Twitter
Cre8tiv Spring 2023_Twitter
Cre8tiv Autumn 2022_Twitter
Cre8tiv Summer 2022_Twitter
Cre8tiv Spring 2022_Twitter
Music Explosion A6 June 2023
Music Explosion A6 June 2023_back
Music Explosion NOV 2022_A5
Music Explosion A5 Nov 2022_back
ME June 2023 Instagram5
ME_MAR 2022_1080px_Instagram
Music Explosion MAR 2021_1080px_Draft 4
Music Explosion NOV 2021_Instagram
MM Ex JULY 2020
MM Ex A6 June 2019
MM Ex A6 June 2018
MM Ex A6 Nov 2017
MM Ex A6 June 2016
MM Ex A6 Nov 2015
MM Ex A6 June 2015
MM Ex 4pp A6-1
MM EX 4pp A5 2008-2
MM Ex A6 Mar 2015
VENN21 A3 poster RGB
VENN21 1800x1800px Insta
Venn21 1200x675px Twitter
MM Ex A3 June 2015
MM Ex A3 June 2019
MM Ex A3 MAR 2015
MM BO A3 March 2018
MM BO A3 June 2018
MM BO A3 Nov 2017
MM A3 BO MAR 2016
MM BO A3 March 2015
MM BO A6 March 2018
MM A6 BO Mar 2016
MM BO A6 Nov 2017
MM BO A6 March 2012
MM BO A6 Nov 2012
MM BO A6 July 2013
MM BO A6 June 2014
MM BO A6 Dec 2014
MM BO A6 March 2014
MM BO A3 March 2013
MM BO A3 June 2014
MM BO A3 July 2013
MM BO A3 Nov 2012
MM BO A3 Nov 2010
MM BO A3 March 2014
MM BO A3 Feb 2010