DANCE  Siobhan Davies Dance Company

FiveToNine worked with Siobhan Davies Dance Company (SDDC) for several years as it transitioned and moved into its new home in south London. Work included publicity design for touring shows and events, new branding/stationary as well as business plans and annual reports.

Photographers: Gaultier Deblonde, Joel Chester-Fildes, Sean Hudson, Pari Naderi, Laurie Lewis, Richard Bryant, Peter Cook, Lara Platman, Vicky Long

SDDC AR 05-07_1-36
SDDC AR 05-07_2-3
SDDC AR 05-07_4-5
SDDC AR 05-07_6-7
SDDC AR 05-07_8-9
SDDC AR 05-07_10-11
SDDC AR 05-07_12-13
SDDC AR 05-07_14-15
SDDC AR 05-07-2_16-17
SDDC AR 05-07-2_18-19
SDDC AR 05-07-2_20-21
SDDC AR 05-07-2_22-23
SDDC AR 05-07-2_24-25
SDDC AR 05-07-2_26-27
SDDC AR 05-07-2_28-29
SDDC AR 05-07-2_30-31
SDDC AR 05-07-2_32-33
SDDC AR 05-07-2_34-35